2021 ecole de Acadienne GRADS

Gallery expires on July 31, 2025

The Proofs from your Portrait Sitting are usually online with in 3 business days.

Please note the following 2 items when placing your order online.

#1 When placing an order that is to be shipped rather than picked up at the Studio there is a CHARGE for shipping that shows on the price menu. If you do not select this we will call or email you and your order will not be shipped until the shipping charge is paid.

#2When ordering from more than one pose please remember that your sitting fee covers retouching for the first pose ordered from. When additional poses are  selected the is a charge for this and it is in the menu. Click on it and select the number of additional poses above the 1 included. If this is not chosen we will hold your order until we are able to contact you and the additional cost is paid.


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